Meet INSPYR’s new team member

This has been such an amazing year for INSPYR… We couldn’t be more humbled and excited at the opportunities our team has had to grow and flourish over the last few months! We’ve had the pleasure of working with our first intern through the summer (special shout out to our girl Kinsley) and a few other key individuals that have brought their creative talents to the team in recent months.

However, today, we are excited to introduce you to… Jackie! Jackie is a human resource management major at Illinois State University and joined the INSPYR team in September as an accounts receivable/payable specialist.

“For that past 5 years I have worked at Healthcare Business Consultants as a human resource and finance associate. My work experience has allowed me to find my passion in human resources. Work has also taught me to keep an open mind about everything and to enjoy every single day. I am thrilled to be apart of the INSPYR team and everything they stand for.”

Some fun facts about Jackie:

  • She has been playing golf ever since she was 5 years old
  • She is a part of the equestrian team at Illinois State University
  • She has an adventurous side (she’s been sky diving) and she loves to travel

Please join us in welcoming Jackie to our INSPYR team!




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